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Independent technologist and designer based in and around London.

Over fifteen years, I’ve founded several active technology companies, and worked as technical director and consultant to many more. From visual design and user experience through full stack web development to apps and low level programming — if it’s interesting, I’m interested.

If you’re working on something good, I want to be the first to hear about it. Just introduce yourself.

Recent Projects

Wireless Audio Visualiser

DST Innovations

  • Accelerate
  • Audio Units
  • Bluetooth
  • C
  • DSP
  • Node.js
  • Swift
  • iOS

I built an iOS app for DST Innovations to serve as a controller for their prototype multimedia fashion product. The product features a wireless peripheral driving a visualiser display, which reacts to live music. The iOS app is a music player which analyses the audio in real time and computes a frequency spectrum, which is sent wirelessly to the peripheral.

Read about the DST Innovations project

Brand Identity & Artwork

Soundry Co

  • Brand Art
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Typography
  • Web

To set Soundry apart from competitors and to reflect its focus on whole-product design and user experience, I created a bright and bold visual identity underpinned by Suitcase Type Foundry’s Nudista — the perfect match for a modern engineering outfit.

Read about the Soundry Co project

Multichannel Streaming Server


  • Audio Units
  • C
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Opus
  • Swift
  • iOS
  • macOS

I created macOS and iOS apps for RIMMS TV to enable their users to hear custom live audio mixes on set. The macOS server app acts as a live mixer, taking in up to 64 channels from an external sound card in the gallery and providing an unlimited number of separate output mixes fed back to the sound card and recorded using dedicated hardware.

Read about the RIMMS TV project

Interactive Audio Player App

EarSoft Audio

  • Icons
  • Interactive
  • Mobile
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive
  • User Experience

I designed and built a unique audio player app for EarSoft that tailors sound to the listener’s environment and mood. The visuals are based around clean typography and strong iconography, and the two-tone colour scheme is algorithmically generated based on a hue chosen by the user.

Read about the EarSoft Audio project

Mobile Text-to-Speech Library


  • API
  • CocoaPods
  • Documentation
  • React Native
  • Swift
  • iOS

I wrote an iOS SDK for SpeechKit to give their customers an easy way to add podcast content to their apps. The kit is distributed on CocoaPods, and can be added to an app in minutes. The implementation was relatively straightforward, being a thin front end to a backend service which uses IBM’s Watson to perform text-to-speech synthesis and intelligently cache articles as apps request them.

Read about the SpeechKit project